woensdag 3 juli 2013

RUDE AWAKENING - slaves of freedom demo 1983 (wilmington-DE)

another demo that should have been released on an lp...
formerly known as Y.I.A. who released a rehearsal tape in 1982.
RUDE AWAKENING has some/all members? from Y.I.A. and recorded this tape in 1983
it didn't get a good review in MRR #9,but they were wrong,this is a badass demo!

edit: redid it,took out alot of bass,below the result.

before: www.archive.org/details/RudeAwakening-Demo1983


after: www.archive.org/details/RudeAwakening-SlavesOfFreedom1983Demo

artwork by??? stolen from a civil rights flyer from the www
if someone has problems with it,email me and i'll remove the pics from this blog.
there's no tape insert/live picture/logo or any other info from RA online so at least now you've got something to look at.



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