donderdag 8 augustus 2013

MFT = dead,OFAL reincarnated...

will be posting on there from now on
problems with the pictures on there is over.
so we're switching back to the old blog.
most links on here  are on the archive so they will be available for dl for yrs to come...and whoknows ill keep this one in use too,we'll see...



maandag 5 augustus 2013

BLAZING EYE - demo 2013 (CA)

new Cali band with members from DRAPETOMANIA,TUBERCULOSIS,SADICOS etc...
4 tracks on this ripper. sounds like early 80's japcore with rough vocals,pretty damn gooood! 
you can contact em here to order a copy:

OMEGAS - live on distort jersey city-WFMU radio east orange-NJ july 17, 2013 (mtl-canada)

requested & first time i listened to em,so....don't blame me if it sounds shitty,i did my best...intro of track 1 has a few cracks/pops,but ill redo it tonight/tomorrow...
and you can always listen to the orig radio broadcast on the WFMU site and D.I.Y.!

check out the playlists for older shows when your bored and don't know what to play,dude plays some good tunes! 


FALSE CONFESSION - demo 1983 lp OUT NOW!!! (oxnard-CA)

2 days ago i started cleaning up the demo/flyers for the third time,and they came out real nice,had a few tracks done and was searching online for info and stuff for a possible demo lp /50 release...
and than found this on their facebook...

official lp on QUEER PILLS RECORDS out now/soon!!!

$26 incl shipping to europe...but it will come on RED wax.
just ordered my copy so hope its gonna be worth it.

get your copy here:

below the first 3 tracks from the MFT/OFAL "remaster" so these are NOT from the lp version!!!


bumped post coz i just got this one in,the lim. screenprinted purple splash edition /50 
it looks goood,now i need to fix my turntable so i can play it....crapper.

zondag 4 augustus 2013

dinsdag 30 juli 2013

INFEST - live @ Maryland Deathfest XI,Baltimore Soundstage-MD May 25, 2013 (CA)

another INFEST liveset,and a good one too!
incl a 5:30 long version of "my way" 



lemme know if you need a mediafire link.
but this will do,stream & download.

PUTRID artwork

maandag 29 juli 2013

THE ACCÜSED - live @ het bolwerk,sneek-the netherlands-europe may 23, 2007 (WA)

full set-soundboard.
this recording was given to the band on a cd-r after the show by one of the Bolwerk employees.
after they returned to the U.S. they posted it on the ACCUSED messageboard,but it's yrs ago and the link is dead so...
took out the crap you don't wanna hear and boosted it...

BADASS eurotour flyer artwork by:
Tom Niemeyer