vrijdag 28 juni 2013

NERV - sound only 03 demo 2013 (iowa)

the new demo by these iowa punx and just like sound only 02 (posted on the old blog OFAL)
it's a good one,not much changes in sound
tape is sold out on tour but think they made new ones. and they got a few old tapes left too...
they also have a new 8 track 7'' called "life" out,released on SMRT recs,2 track teaser on bandcamp kicks butt so...

here you have sound only 03 (took out a little tapenoise)

thx to Joe for sending.
if you want a copy of this demo or sound only 02 you can email eatapes@gmail.com

more NERV tunes here:

SUBCLINIX - elks lodge,cambridge-MA june 17th, 2013 (boston-MA)

SUBCLINIX gig from the LIMPWRIST show
+ a gig from 2012 @ the democracy centre in Cambridge-MA that will follow laterrrrrrr.
elks lodge 2013 set here:

SUBCLINIX 7'' out this month folks,keep an eye out!
EAT FOR LIFE recs if im not mistaken...will check...

donderdag 27 juni 2013

AGNOSTIC FRONT - live @ CBGB's new york-N.Y.C. June 7, 1985 (N.Y.) V.2!

did a crappy cd-r version on OFAL 2/3 yrs ago. from a gig thats floating around
with date may 19th, 1985
but the date was wrong...the correct date is june 7th, 1985
redid the whole set. pain in the ass to get all the tapenoise out,but these
came out better and with tape insert this time...D.I.Y. or die.

dinsdag 25 juni 2013

ST. RIPPER - live @ the elks lodge,cambridge-MA june 17, 2013 (boston-MA)

put em in a "meatgrinder" with funeral style keyboards on the background and ST. RIPPER comes out.
this is goooood!!!

need to email the ladies for the missing titles...
1st track wasn't recorded from the start so it's not included...so you'll get 6 tracks @ the elks lodge,and a couple from smash it dead fest that were not played in the elks lodge set...keyboard/vox are a bit too loud in the SID set,but still nice.

will be redoing track 5 & 6,cut in between sucks...check back later for a better version

recorded by Sunny Singh www.hate5six.com

maandag 24 juni 2013

YOUTH AVOIDERS - distort jersey city-WFMU radio New Jersey 2013 (france)

click on images to make em bigger
will try to finish insert tonight...

YOUTH AVOIDERS from France playing live in the WFMU radio studio
catchy as hell/great set with some of their best tracks.
go shake your booty.

will do a "virtual tape" of GASMASK TERRÖR set after this one...

zondag 23 juni 2013

YDI - live @ WKDU bandbash-drexel quad,Philadelphia-PA October 1st, 1983 (philadelphia-PA)

click on images to make em bigger/readable

B.A.D.A.S.S. YDI liveset!!!
this one goes on repeat overhere the next couple of days...


stream & download here:

or download from here:

more info/flyers/stories here:

thx to/watch video here:

screenshot: YDI with their biggest fans on the back of the stage,this was hc in 1983 kids...

woensdag 19 juni 2013

YOUTH AVOIDERS & GASMASK TERROR - live on distort jersey city-WFMU radio New Jersey may 1st 2013 (france)

both bands from France were touring the states together in May and they were invited to play on WFMU radio,they shared the set...

6 tracks by YOUTH AVOIDERS & 5 tracks by GASMASK TERROR
GT set has some annoying sounds/cracks in it,microphone problems i guess...but can't take it out...


maandag 17 juni 2013

AGENT ORANGE (nl) - bloody greetings...1983-1985 (amsterdam) DONE!

includes all demo's/7  inches & alternative mixes of the 7''-es
4 versions of the 1st 7'' session...
 raw mix version sounds best to me..too bad they didnt used that one for the 7''  back in the day
but the 7'' tracks in here are taken from the remastered split lp...these sound awhole lot better...
but yada yada yada...here's the whole shabang

no live recordings,too much work and too crappy compared to these 40 tracks..


zaterdag 15 juni 2013

SPECKNECK - live on the ARE,Merwe radio,Sliedrecht may 31, 2013 (sliedrecht)

click on images to enlarge

ANARCRUST/PIPOKOEIE etc members with their latest band SPECKNECK
they played live on Merwe RTV a local radio/tv station
 date: friday may 31, 2013
this is the edited version,without talking between the songs.
16 tracks in 22 min.
stop 'n' go!


VREDITELY (PESTS) - hardcore 2013 demo teaser: AGENT ORANGE (nl) - lingerie & D.Y.S. - wolfpack covers with russian lyrics!

get the 8 track hardcore 2013 demotape here or google for other distro's...

 all 8 tracks are pretty damn good!
normally not a fan of complete cover releases but this is a great hommage to old hc/punk and with the russian lyrics its even more intresting,
shitty layout/insert but who cares? it's raw hc/punk & def worth buying!


donderdag 13 juni 2013

DEATH - rehearsals-live 1985-1988 (FL)

click on images to make em bigger/readable.

back only needs the names of bandmembers and its done...

cleaned up versions of the March 1985 & April 1985 rehearsal tapes + the 4 live tracks from the Combat tour VHS 1988
both rehearsals are bootlegged on lp in 2008 & 2009 the march reh was called "let's all die"
the april reh was called "meet your archangel" ,never heard a rip of "let's all die" so no clue how it sounds but the "meet your archangel" lp isn't worth your $$$$ quality is really poor compared to the tracks in here...
give it a listen.

woensdag 12 juni 2013


known from the va - BRAINWASHED INTO SUBMISSION tape 1987
these 6 tracks sound a bit different,guess the tracks used on the comp are older recordings,but this aint bad either.
"cleaned up" as usual

VILLA FUNGUS - reh. tracks (new dutch band with Mike D. & Thierry TUCO RAMIREZ)

another band with only 2 members ...Dutch this time
after the dead of the PHIL COLLINS TRIBUTE BAND Mike D. started a new band right away
this time he teamed up with Thierry who plays guitar/doing vox???,he also played together with Mike in TUCO RAMIREZ ,remember their badass demo & split 7'' with boycott?
this is not as brutal as TR but pretty enjoyable
and keep in mind,these are rehearsal tracks,without bass etc...plug and play recordings.
no clue who's doing the vocals,think Thierry...
1st gig was June 9th,at the OCCII with DESPISE YOU & RINUS MICHELS (another band with Mike on drums)

more info/signed panties etc
go here

3 track teaser from mono to "stereo"

BURN YOUR BRIDGES - demo 2002 (CA)

taken from Chris Dodge's blog & converted to mp3's.
pretty hard to find demo recordings by BYB.
go check it out,GREAT STUFF!!!

donderdag 6 juni 2013

BROTHER INFERIOR - dismantling the capitalist machine 7'' 1999

the last BROTHER INFERIOR 7'' and def one of the best from the whole badge they did
think it came out after they broke up/tour was done...
but after 13/14 yrs its still a badass record.


seems like some people still having problems finding the download button on the archive so here's a pic
hope this will do it...



maandag 3 juni 2013

INFEST - why be something you're not? - days turn black 7'' 2013

4 new tracks on the onesided 7'',i could have done without the instrumental but the other 3 are badass!
here's the N.A. why be something you're not cover

ridicilous thing about this 7'' is,it's already on discogs/auction sites for +/- 200 bucks while the reg. press isn't even out yet...
others bought a couple and now have it "for trade" only...that's just nasty...but hc is business these days so i'll stop complaining...but glad i'm not into that collector bullshit anymore,ill wait for the reg. pressing
saves a couple of bucks ;-0

DAN - human beings the size of animals live at isalotation rd,darlington,county of durham-U.K. tape 1986/7 (U.K.)

2 gigs
released on 69 tapes in 1987/8 i guess?
still missing a few titles,ill add em later when i figured out...
B side will take some more time,has a shitload of tapenoise in it...

but these from the A side came out pretty good,actually the best sounding DAN stuff ive heard,still has some tapenoise in it but taking out more would ruin it.
take it or leave it.

anyone outthere has a tracklist for this one? would save some time...thx

POTENTIAL THREAT - don't conform 1982-1989 (U.K.)


badass female fronted hc-anarcho punk from the U.K.

more info here:

zaterdag 1 juni 2013

P.M.A. - positive mental attitude - demo 1987 (female fronted!-germany)

version 2!
redid it,butchered the one on OFAL

female fronted UNITY worship from Germany 1987
done really well!!!
they also had 2 tracks on the va - this is my life not yours 7'' released 1989,a female fronted comp with POTENTIAL THREAT (see post below) DAN and 2 more...
unfortunaly they never released a record of their own.