donderdag 28 maart 2013

SYSTEM BASTARD - demo 2013 (groningen-the netherlands)

new band from Groningen-The Netherlands
with Maynard (CATWEAZLE etc...) doing vocal duties for the 1st time after he recorded the WNC basement demo with CATWEAZLE...
and this sounds goooood!!
go get this if your into the crusty d-beat with some really good dual vocals.
it's a rehearsal-demo not the actual cover but now you got something to look at.

SYSTEM BASTARD - full gig @ crowbar groningen

DESPERATE BRAINS - demo 1986 (sweden)


Kenneth Wiklund - guitar
Tommy TB Berggren - bass & vocals
Sonny Svedlund - drums

this is the only recording they did,they never played live...Tommy was replaced by Tomas Andersson (ASOCIAL/SVART PARAD) and HATRED was born...

here are the 6 tracks,cleaned up,had a shitload of tapenoise,tried to take it out
result here:

01-stop the slaughter
02-a fucking fairytale
03-reject the system
04-why don't you fuck off!!!
05-the bomb
06-feed the hungry

woensdag 27 maart 2013

dinsdag 26 maart 2013

LAST WARNING - demo 2013 (santa ana-CA)

01-dead end
02-eat shit
03-skate fast
05-victim in pain (AGNOSTIC FRONT)

new powerviolence band out of Santa Ana-California
pretty damn good demo! too short is the only complaint,record new shit,thx!!! cant wait to hear it.
get the demo here:

CATWEAZLE - rehearsal @ WNC groningen (with Maynard on vocals?) 1989/90 (groningen)

9 track rehearsal from the early days in a great quality!
Maynard on vocals if im not mistaken (WNC basement line up....their best stuff so this sounds BADASS)
unfortunaly no versions of "northsea,shut up,mushrooms" my 3 favorite tracks by them
but there are more old catweazle rehearsals outthere so who knows...

pics taken from:

PLAGUE - demo 1982 as a 3 piece... (cleveland-OH) OFAL "remaster" teaser

finished this one too
teaser of a 1982 demotrack + live '89 track
hopefully this will see light one day on a piece of wax on just4fun records

maandag 25 maart 2013

BEATRIZ CARNICERO - AVITACIÓN101 - split cd 2013 (uruguay)

2nd release from this band out of uruguay
not much changes in sound,still powerviolence,still badass!
only gave it 1 play sofar so cant say much...but the other band isnt really my thing,do like the fem vox but it gives me a "screamo" feeling ,and that's not my thing...

released on 5 labels,3 from uruguay,1 from argentina and a dutch label i never heard of,fuck it,i quit records...

this should help them get this cd more spead around the globe,coz the other was a pain in the ass to get (ridicilous high shipping costs)

send in by Dario... thx dude!

zaterdag 16 maart 2013

INFEST - live @ churchills,miami-florida 03-09-2013 (LA) DONE!!!

click on images to enlarge.

"terminal nation" my favorite track by them=complete mayhem,could not stay in my chair when working on this one,played it over and over,damn,so fucking gooooood!!!

stream & download from here:

or download from here:

thx to Roger-SPEEDFREEK for sharing a great sounding version!
hopefully INSULT/AP/S.I. gigs from housecam soon,ill piss my pants...

PLAY DEAFENING LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gonna do a lim. edition /10 pro printed/duplicated tapes of this gig too,maybe more if the band is ok with it..we'll see when the che cafe set is done...


vrijdag 15 maart 2013

REAL ENEMY - life with the enemy demo '83 + CBGB's live lp OUT NOW! on MINDCURE records

A couple of yrs after they announced it on a blog
its finally done
a remastered version of the REAL ENEMY's 1983 demotape "life with the enemy" and with bonus a liveset @ CBGB's



woensdag 13 maart 2013

THE BOSTON STRANGLER - the october 2011 demo's (boston-MA)

THE BOSTON STRANGLER - the october 2011 sessions
 "remaster" in "stereo"...3rd version,now i'm done with it.


02-we don't need
03-joke's on you
04-show of force
05-off to die
06-broken spirit
08-take control
09-change of scenery
10-shut out

dinsdag 12 maart 2013

LA FRACTION - live 2006-2010 (france)

first 11 are laterrr
the elba set sounds badass to me,raw and a little faster as the lp versions...
the other 2 OCCII tracks + the ones from Grosvernor will follow soon !

01-11 live @ Elba squat,Warsaw-Poland 2006
12-14 live @ OCCII,Amsterdam-the Netherlands 2009
15-21 live @ Grosvenor,London-UK 2010

+/-  60 min.

maandag 11 maart 2013

THE ROPES - vietnam II demo IV 2012 (chicago-IL)

yeah we're staying in Chicago!

here you have the final ROPES recordings,released as a lim tape and released again on YOUTH ATTACK recs in a lim. quantity

01-total end
02-gonna get through you
03-blood,dirt and grease
04-vietnam II
05-22 going on 23 (BUTTHOLE SURFERS) normally covers are cool,but this is BOOOOOOORING,but that's stop whining,be a punk ;-0

more info here:


THE REPOS - poison head demo 2013 (chicago-IL)

made for and sold at the CRUDOS chicago shows,and offcourse it's sold out....FUCK!
this is for everyone that was not there,but would like to hear it
with the name change it sounds like they're on the old track again,12 short/pissed of tracks that need to be re-released on tape or vinyl
cold moon is the favorite track overhere,sounds like the good ol' REPOS!
great stuff kids.

here ya go

01-poison head
02-hot shot fever
03-open road
04-last chance man
05-solar wind
06-went gone
07-love me
08-creep out
09-cold moon
10-you know i'm right
11-gone get goner
12-found dope

more info here:


VALLEY BOYS - studio 3 session EXD-CIUT radio 03-10-2013 (toronto)

awesome set,get it from here folks...

and make sure you get the demo on 12'' vinyl from CUT THAT CHORD THAT... recs!!!

and PICK YOUR SIDE's studio 3 session is now available on a tape! pick it up,another badass set
they should release all the EXD-CIUT sets on official tapes,all great recorded/sounding gigs...S.H.I.T./HASSLER/KREMLIN/this one and they did a shitload more...would be nice.

SCARED STRAIGHT - live 1985? (simi valley-oxnard-CA)

5 live tracks
all i have but they're worth putting up on here coz they sound really good!!!
there's a possibility that a full set of this gig is floating around,but not sure...if you got the full gig and wanna share it with the world,send it over!?

02-wake up
03-drug free
04-born to be wild (STEPPENWOLF)
05-skate to live

zondag 10 maart 2013

LOS CRUDOS - live @ chitown futbol,chicago-IL 03-02-2013 (afternoon gig mp3's)

(click on image to enlarge)

21 tracks in total (orig. set was 22 tracks-removed "peleamos"...)

no soundboard quality,but fuck it
still badass & if you wanna check out one of their older performances you should grab the gilman '98 set from ESCAPE IS TERMINAL blog,pretty cool set

vrijdag 8 maart 2013

CRUDOS,SIN ORDEN +++ march 2nd 2013 chi town futbol,chicago-IL full gig HD/multicam videos

HD videos by Sunny Singh (multicam versions by Sunny Singh & Steven Cergizan

LOS CRUDOS multicam! show 1 (mp3's up soon)

SIN ORDEN multicam!





THE REPOS (yep,the ropes changed their name back to the repos and released a 12 song demo for this gig,sounds pretty damn good!!!,they also got 2 new songs on the va - wake up dead comp. 7'',go check em out!)




ASSÜCK - live @ the fireside bowl-CHARLES BRONSON's last show,chicago-IL August 1st 1997 (FL)

"wall of shame livetape"

18 tracks in 18 min. full gig from CHARLES BRONSON's last show @ the fireside bowl

played the crap out of the VIOLENT RESTITUTION lp from last year & needed more death metal inspired fastcore/grind whatever
so digged up some old ASSÜCK livesets
here's the first one...came out really good i think,BADASS gig!!! can't stop playing it,my neighbors luv it ;-0

stream/download here:

or here:

woensdag 6 maart 2013

HOUNDS OF HATE - live on distort jersey city-WFMU radio East Orange-NJ November 28, 2012 (PA/VA++)

NY styled hc with CRO-MAGS/WARZONE influences and with some nice faster parts in songs like cast out & pride,brotherhood of night...
they just recorded a full length by themselve that should see daylight soon.


dinsdag 5 maart 2013

SAD BOYS & DRAPETOMANIA - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio portland-OR january 9th, 2013 (N.Y.C.-L.A.) NEW/BETTER SOUNDING SAD BOYS VERSION!!!


recorded live from the webstream at 9 in the morning...
think i missed the part of the show were they mentioned the track titles,so track 3 for sad boys is a guess,might also be "tiny hands" from the new 7'' ? havent heard it yet...but get it from TOXIC STATE records!!!

1st track of DRAPETOMANIA is unreleased as far as my knowledge goes...but will figure it out...



maandag 4 maart 2013

STRONG BOYS - st 7'' (dublin-ireland)

gay hc from Dublin-Ireland!

now is sucking cock not my thing BUT... i can enjoy the pissed off tunes these irish folks produce
their demo from last year was nice
but this 7'',is gonna be in the top 10 list of 2013!!!
from start to finish.
raw/early 80's hc with rough vocals.
just bought myself a copy on pink (dark pink) wax /125 it came with 2 buttons
& big fold out cover
it's also available on blue /125 ,BUY! here: yo

listen to 3 tracks from the 7'' & free download of the demo here:


strongboys666 at FUCK SPAM



Jeffrey Paul 1966-2013 R.I.P.

Jeffrey Paul vocalist for PDX hc bands FINAL WARNING/TRAUMA passed away last night at age 47 from a motorcycle accident...
my condoleances to friends/family



ALTERED BOYS - live on WFMU-distort jersey city February 20th, 2013 "tape"

(click on images to make em bigger)

BADASS liveset on side A + the full int. on  side B

did a little correction to the orig files,and think it sounds pretty damn good now,so out soon on an official tape!!!
ill do a small run 25/50 copies...on pro printed/duplicated tapes.
band will get some and the rest will be available in a dutch distro that ill mention/post link to soon,when everythings worked out.

OFAL tapes # 001!!!  (ADELITAS live on KBOO hopefully #002 ????)


for now you can order the new AB 7'' on DERANGED RECS!!!

it's a tight 5 song ripper!!!!
best band out of new jersey in the past 10 yrs!
and this 7'' will be a top 10 record from this yr
combining the best parts of my fav Jersey bands TIU & KYI,you can't go wrong with this record...
a great start of 2013, still sucks...

more info/tunes here:


MORAL HEX - live on life during wartime-KBOO 03-16-2011 (PDX)