zondag 30 december 2012

EMPIRISMO - esto es siempre 7'' & more...1992 (mexico)

last one for 2012

great stuff from Mexico,didnt knew em till i saw the beyond the sreams video a couple of yrs ago,looked for their stuff and figured out they broke up long before,so their 2 7'' inches are pretty hard to find these days...here you have em + some extra tracks...

CAUSTIC CHRIST - PISSCHRIST - live @ the starlight ballroom,philadelphia-PA 05-27-2007


have a good one & take care!


donderdag 27 december 2012

fuck facebook

myspace sucks but this is even worse...commercial bullshit... 

and today someone tried to hack my account...they had no luck
but deleted the whole damn thing anyway,coz it's useless so fuck facebook & the loser who tried to hack it!
press that button hard if you luv me LOL

KILL THE MAN WHO QUESTIONS / DROP DEAD - live @ the starlight ballroom,philadelphia-PA 2007 (R.A.M.B.O. farewell gig)

soon,maybe tomorrow
will post em on the archive as mp3's & will also upload both gigs as 2 videos (20 min. each,full gigs)

both gigs are recorded/filmed by Mike from EATTAPES,he was based in philly and did what Sunny Singh hate5six is doing now,filming shitloads of bands in a great quality/sound.
a few yrs ago he dissapeared from the earth,not sure what happened,maybe he ended up as camera dude for the porno bussiness ;-0 who knows,
he had talent for sure so wherever you are i hope your doing good!

DROP DEAD mp3's will go here:


KTMWQ mp3's will go here:


DROP DEAD video here:




maandag 24 december 2012

CORPORATE WHORES - revenge of the whores 1983 demo (AZ)

02-boycott Israel
04-Hinkley's brain
05-radio Cuba
06-beheaded mammals
07-i wish i was dead
08-life sucks

almost christmas so here you have a nice present!
this is the complete  CORPORATE WHORES 1983 tape in a badass quality
it's been released 3 yrs ago or something on a 2cd box set called "swine courage" with all their recordings from '82-'83 and it's available from DISILLUSION music label.

but these 9 are the only real studio recordings they did and blow away all the other stuff on the 2 disc set
i really hope these 9 track will end up someday on a nice piece of vinyl 7''/onesided lp or else ill bootleg it ;-0 this has to be done,so hopefully the DISILLUSION folks make this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if this was released in '83 it was bootlegged god knows how many times..but it never came out,and SIEGE took the torch,,but reality is,this was a year before SIEGE!!!
and even in times like these there are not many bands that could capture this type of sound
band like HERESY/LÄRM did it but yrs later,this was fucking 1983!!!!!!!!!!!! a really great recording for that time.
go enjoy this piece of hc history in its full glory,and yep the track boycott Israhell might be "sketchy" as some say,but Israel isn't a "pollite" country either so fuck it,it's was a different time...get over it.

took out the last tapenoise so this sounds BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

soon: GORILLA ANGREB - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio portland-OR 2006 or 7? (denmark)

try to finish this one before new years.
#15 in the MFT-LDW tape boxset!

12 tracks live on KBOO.

Y.D.I. - stay true

unreleased ripper of these philly legends.


maybe mp3's of their reunion gig @ the starlight ballroom soon! (still no luck finding the dvd...)
but will add em to this post when done...

zaterdag 22 december 2012

MFT/OFAL 2012 the best of (top 40)

the Maya's were wrong so we can continue with the MFT best of 2012 year list
ill post 40 (maybe 50,it was a damn good year!)  mp3's,each track is the best song (i.m.h.o.) taken from the lp,demotape or 7'' released this year.
they will go here...


link to the label is posted below each lp/7''/demo cover so you can do some christmas shopping...
some are sold out ,like the S.H.I.T. demo (bummed) so you have a good excuse to dl it for free somewhere on the net.
(if anyone in the netherlands/belgium is still looking for a copy of the NO  lp on lim. grey wax & a copy of the RAYOS X lp "soledad" you can contact me at dannyveldhuizen@FUCKSPAMyahoo.co.uk
got one of each left,brand new/unplayed copies! 10e + shipping

take the best parts of LOOSE CANNONS & early VIOLENT MINDS,thats how VR sounds,a ripper!!!

http://nodo50.org/trabucrecords/ or from lengua armada in the u.s.

the production of this lp is MASSIVE good record,not blown away but the production and artwork are extra points. think this cover is painted,or paint/drawing but the whole lay out looks great!!! geat job.

D.I.Y. in canada www.staticshockrecords.com in europe


D.I.Y. in canada LSMG recs in europe (20 leftover iphone-polska dupa tapes with new insert-lyric sheet available soon from the band...) http://koszmar.bandcamp.com



fun with smack recs,and sold out
hyped as fuck,the demo was great,but recorded by 1 guy (Ban)
on this lp it's a complete band,sound is different...so not blown away by this record
but its still a nice piece of boston hc!!!
if you really wanna hear some good boston styled hc i highly recommend the SHIPWRECKED lp on crucial response recs!!!

3 ladies & 1 dude from Cali playing good ol' fashioned pissed off hc
recently pressed onto a flexi 7'' /250 copies,get one if you can!!!!
and check the KBOO set on this site,3 new tracks! badass!!!

www.facebook.com/replicareplica or bandcamp for a free download...

actually heard the whole record yesterday for the first time but been listening to 5/9 songs from the live @ kboo set they did in august.
i really really like the live recordings they did for KBOO (might ask em to do an official tape release of it,if the ones im making for myself will come out good. would be cool
but were talking about the lp...it sounds like the songs are played a little slower,so it sounds different...
it's hard to describe a record you just got and only heard once so i need to give it a couple of more spins
but the track "gritos en la oscuridad" (screams in the darkness) stands out for now,and the other 4 that i knew for awhile are great songs too,unfortunaly not much "traditional" influences on this one...but it's a good record for sure!!! live-studio record i should not compare em,but damn,that kboo set...playing it over and over,think the song el desierto got more than 100 plays in 4 weeks and still shaking my booty to it almost every day. but just buy it,you won't regret it for sure,you'll get nice artwork too!
and you can buy it on lp or on a prof. tape from:

silenzio statico #14 sold in no time,hopefully this year a repress will follow
just redid the 8 tracks,other version kinda sucked so that will be the next upload,more info in that post.
raw all ladies hc/punk from LA ,sounds like the bands from Colombia etc in the mid 80's pretty damn good demo,and the last track is an MG-15 cover where they got their name from,great version! bummed i missed out.

this tape should be released onto vinyl in 2013! no remaster,not re recorded,just how it is right now.
D.I.Y. and sold out no time...

BEST ARTWORK OF THIS YEAR!!!! the oscar goes to REPKA!!!
they don't make it like this that much anymore,this reminds of the good ol'days with covers from ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT,CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER etc badass drawings with a political theme
records rips too,they also got a new one out,snakes and ladders but it doesnt reach the quality/heaviness of this ripper.BUY!

spain's answer to RAYOS X!

after the 2010 st 7'' & last years split 7'' with DEMENZIA KOLLEKTIVO
DISPARO returns with a full length,9 tracks of their own and the BLITZ cover "never surrender"
great record!

after the end of SEEIN RED/LÄRM these legends return with Paul & Olav in the line up & they wrote/recorded 8 brand new tracks + they added the complete discography on a nice double lp! you need it. www.crucialresponse.com

just released...dec.15th...
long awaited 3rd 7'' from this band fronted by Martin Crudos/Limpwrist/Tragatelo/Harto/N.N./Lengua Armada discos etc...
tight,well produced/written record and just in time to end up in this list. A RIPPER!
you can order/listen (follow link to bandcamp) to it here:

donderdag 20 december 2012

B.S.E. - campaign against musical corruption 1998-2001 tape (hilversum-the netherlands)

here's an insert for a D.I.Y.  B.S.E. - 1998-2001 discography tape!
had one up on OFAL,but recently some rehearsals popped up,some were pretty good,others shitty,so removed the crap and pimped the rest for your pleasure.also removed the 7'' / split versions coz they are the same as the tracks from the "wall of death"& "under control" sessions so useless to put em in twice,same recording,different sound...

55 tracks in total
 fits perfect on the A side of a 90 min tape. so you don't have to switch to the other side,lazyyyyyyy
final version.


an ALL TENSED UP discography tape insert will follow soon...