maandag 5 augustus 2013

FALSE CONFESSION - demo 1983 lp OUT NOW!!! (oxnard-CA)

2 days ago i started cleaning up the demo/flyers for the third time,and they came out real nice,had a few tracks done and was searching online for info and stuff for a possible demo lp /50 release...
and than found this on their facebook...

official lp on QUEER PILLS RECORDS out now/soon!!!

$26 incl shipping to europe...but it will come on RED wax.
just ordered my copy so hope its gonna be worth it.

get your copy here:

below the first 3 tracks from the MFT/OFAL "remaster" so these are NOT from the lp version!!!


bumped post coz i just got this one in,the lim. screenprinted purple splash edition /50 
it looks goood,now i need to fix my turntable so i can play it....crapper.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Do you know if this is the same false confession that did this song?:

    From the sound of the linked song it seems very different from the other tracks I've heard. The linked song is death rockish while the rest are hardcorish. Are any of the songs on the LP like "Inside" or is a different band entirely?

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