maandag 1 juli 2013

THE RAMONES - live @ de melkweg,amsterdam august 5, 1986 (VPRO's wilde wereld radio broadcast)

had a 15 track version on the old blog OFAL.
but the old link = dead so here is a new one on the archive.
and with more tracks this time...
also cleaned/boosted the AM radio recordings
this version has 25 tracks in total...

01-do you wanna dance
02-somebody put something in my drink
03-psycho theraphy
04-blitzkrieg bop
05-do you remember rock 'n roll radio 
06-freak of nature
07-gimme gimme shock threatment
08-rock 'n roll highschool
09-i wanna be sedated
10-the KKK took my baby away
11-crummy stuff
12-i don't wanna go down the basement
13-love kills
14-Sheena is a punkrocker
15-glad to see you go
16-animal boy
17-California sun
18-we're a happy family
19-cretin hop
20-Judy is a punk
21-today your love,tomorrow the world
23-chinese rock
24-rockaway beach

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