maandag 4 maart 2013

ALTERED BOYS - live on WFMU-distort jersey city February 20th, 2013 "tape"

(click on images to make em bigger)

BADASS liveset on side A + the full int. on  side B

did a little correction to the orig files,and think it sounds pretty damn good now,so out soon on an official tape!!!
ill do a small run 25/50 copies...on pro printed/duplicated tapes.
band will get some and the rest will be available in a dutch distro that ill mention/post link to soon,when everythings worked out.

OFAL tapes # 001!!!  (ADELITAS live on KBOO hopefully #002 ????)


for now you can order the new AB 7'' on DERANGED RECS!!!

it's a tight 5 song ripper!!!!
best band out of new jersey in the past 10 yrs!
and this 7'' will be a top 10 record from this yr
combining the best parts of my fav Jersey bands TIU & KYI,you can't go wrong with this record...
a great start of 2013, still sucks...

more info/tunes here:


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