woensdag 28 november 2012

SICK RATS - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio portland-OR september 19th, 2012 (PDX)

this will be # 10!
took out most of the feedback coz i couldnt listen to it,gave me headaches and pissed me off
really annoying high sound....so only a little feedback left between the tracks,lowered the vocals a bit and raised volume to the max
pretty good new band! no demo out yet,no record either
but ex members of ORGANIZED SPORTS! pissed off fem. vocals
can,t go wrong...
took me awhile to get into the sound,its a mixture of everything,hardcore/punk/noise/surf/rock 'n'roll whatever...like GORILLA ANGREB on dope or something...
great band that will get some people talking soon,pretty sure.

here you have the pimped up 1 track,for streaming pleasure,when you download it you will get the full set as 1 track mp3,320 kbps
and also the edited version as 8 mp3's
as soon i got the titles i'll upload it again so check back soon!

emailed Erin-LDW for a band contact adress so i can ask for titles and stuff...patience...