woensdag 28 november 2012

TRAUMA - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio portland-OR september 22, 2010

#9 in the LDW tape boxset!!!
"KILLER" 12 track liveset by these FINAL WARNING/TRAGEDY members
lp took 2 yrs to get released but its one of the best records of this year so go pick it up! artwork rules too.

you can delete the old version,redid it,and this one sounds really,really good.
soundwise it sounds even better as the lp recordings,Kate Mc Court did a great job on this one.
go check it out here:

also included the final version as 1 track,stream sounds better without cuts and you can use it for recording to a tape...
1 track + 12 track mp3 version are both! included in the zip folder!


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