donderdag 29 november 2012

RAYOS X - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio portland-OR september 28, 2011 (LA)

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this one took me awhile,lowered the 2nd channel so the guitars are not that loud anymore
came out nice!!! but missing title for track 7...and like each set this one has a favorite track too,no conformo
sounds really good!
also the title for their/generacion suicida's/L.A. scene blog
they announced to post some unreleased rayos x outtakes soon so go check it out.

play/download below,everything you need to make the tapeversion is in here: (final covers soon when last title is added!)
 included the final version as 1 track for streaming pleasure ;-0

this reminds me i still have to pay for the rayos x lp's i ordered,i'm so damn lazy with those things...

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  1. hi dude my name is Pulce from Italy.
    Thanx for this post!

    How can i contact you via email?

    I'd like to send you some stuff to hear/review.
    Our newest ep "SHIT HAPPENS" is finally out and we're spreading the word!
    Also, we just recorded a new flexi ep called "I just can't relax", and it'll be ready in a couple of weeks.
    It's very expensive for us to send out all the copies thru mail, so i wonder if it's ok for you if i send you a file with our music, lyrics, and all the pictures of the layouts.

    this is our reverbnation page:

    here our fb page

    let me know if you are interested in help us out, and
    thanx in advance for your time
    Pulce/You Suck!

  2. SURE!
    sounds goood! so send it over.
    here's the emailadress you can send it to,remove the fuck spam...

    hear ya,