woensdag 9 januari 2013

AGENT 86 - objekt tape comp. & suicide squad demo 1982 (arcata-CA)

here you have some really great rare recordings by AGENT 86

first 9 tracks are from the va - objekt tape ,a weird compilation with all kinds of bands,most punk/wave stuff...

10-20 are taken from the suicide squad demo from 1982

cleaned em so they're all in a great quality!!!
please spread this around,it's a rarity!
and they're still around after all those years,no break...so theyre going for more than 30 yrs now,pretty cool
the stuff they play these days is more melodic but still enjoyable,most old band do a come back and return with shitty songs/albums. so hats off to A86! old farts rule!

well,not all of em....but i've had enough of the crying and whining about a few mp3's and all other OLDFOOLMIKE bullshit,so if you are reading this for the sensation stories only,FUCK OFF!

everyone else,please go enjoy this piece of history!
took me the whole night to get it how it is right now.
hopefully the band releases these recordings (first 18 tracks) on a nice lp one day...would be cool as hell,hardcore history...it needs to be heard.

and share!!!!!


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