vrijdag 25 januari 2013

TWISTED - wounded demo 1987 (riverside-CA)

another old demo to fuel the fire
didnt get the titles with it...and was not allowed to share it...
but recently figured out the dude i got it from was sharing it with all his girlfriends on slsk and with all titles...i was thinking WTF?????

so uncle Dan dl-ed it again with all the titles...and now the nerd banned me LOL
so here's another FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
 and fuck your elite bullshit!
lying,cheating,asslicking,talking shit etc
just for a few mp3's of an old hc band 
it's so fucking sad...

but that's HC 2013 kids.

here you have it,enjoy the tunes folks!

TWISTED - wounded demo 1987
86-88 styled hc or metallic youthcrew/oldschool
call it what you want...
16 track demo with a couple of rippers on it

more info/pics etc here

1987 demo here:

5 opmerkingen:

  1. new pc so time to d/l nice shit!!!!

    btw, link updated. New blog looks quite similar, why u switched url?.. cheers.

  2. hey dude!!!!!
    i was wondering what happened to you/your blog...

    reached my upload limit for pictures on the OFAL blogger account,removed a bunch of pics but the problem came back after awhile
    so had to change or continueing without pictures...
    so here we are

    different blog/same idiot ;-0
    good to see your back/ok!


  3. Dude anyway for a reupload???? Please!!!!

  4. sorry for the delay,should be working again when you read this...


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