maandag 7 januari 2013

THE BERLIN WALL - where's the limit? 1982-1983 (holland hc)

32 tracks
if you're into THE NIXE,you should give this a try!,a bit more experimental but underated/unknown band with some great songs,great bass sound too!

Petra van Bommel - vocals
Bart Cuppens - guitar
Jac van Bussel - bass
Jurgen Jeninga - drums

01-16 rehearsal in the storage space of printing company Nies b.v.
in Deurne-The Netherlands on April 1st, 1983

17-32 rehearsal at the independent youth centre,Pepijn in Asten The Netherlands
June 8th, 1982

artwork by an unknown artist,it's painted on a piece of the wall that's still there as a reminder...

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