vrijdag 1 februari 2013

CYANAMID - i love New Jersey demo 1983 (s. bound brook-NJ)

this was supposed to go on OFAL a long time ago,one of my followers on there had a blog too but it was dead so he messaged me that i should download the cyanamid demo and put it on OFAL,never did and forgot the dude's name,sorry
but now 2-3 yrs later,finally cleaned the recordings and here they are...
bass intro in 3 tracks could be better but it had a shitload of loud tapenoise,impossible to get it all out
but all in all this came out nice.
9 ragers and 4 long/slow/weird tracks
no pics or anything so take it or leave it


pretty cool stuff,it was 1983...pretty fast/weird for that time

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