donderdag 28 februari 2013

THE LIGHT - demo 2012 (bay area-CA)

here you have the new band from Ruby-NO STATIK
he teamed up with Trash,Matt & BooBoo & formed THE LIGHT.

02-secret shame
03-cunning and full of tricks
04-we're burning alone
05-on suspicion alone
06-outside world

demo is recorded in their rehearsal room on december 20th, 2012!
but did some corrections for on blog...
this is really goood for a rehearsal demo,and worth your $$$
you can buy it from CUT THE CHORD THAT...recs
they also just released the VALLEY BOYS demo on a 12''!!! (toronto-canada punks)
REPLICA 7'' will follow soon (hopefully)  can't f#$!*ing wait!!!
and saw theyre doing a euro version of the WETBRAIN - 2012 deeemo as well,keep an eye out for those last 2 kids!
more info/insert in a week or 2 when i receive the actual tape...
but for more info on how to order etc go here:

pimped up version here:

stream & download (if anyone in the band/or label has problems with it,lemme know,and ill remove it,aight!)


you can contact the band here

remove the fuck spam thingy and it should work.


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