zaterdag 15 juni 2013

VREDITELY (PESTS) - hardcore 2013 demo teaser: AGENT ORANGE (nl) - lingerie & D.Y.S. - wolfpack covers with russian lyrics!

get the 8 track hardcore 2013 demotape here or google for other distro's...

 all 8 tracks are pretty damn good!
normally not a fan of complete cover releases but this is a great hommage to old hc/punk and with the russian lyrics its even more intresting,
shitty layout/insert but who cares? it's raw hc/punk & def worth buying!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. 02 Apocalypse (Shotgun Solution)
    03 Macht Das Spaß? (Inferno)
    04 Noi (Crash Box)
    05 Miks Halvat Tapella (Rattus)
    06 Lost Cause (Unruled)
    07 Wolfpack (DYS)
    08 Shot Down By Machine-Gun Fire (Subversion)

  2. noi? i thought it was vivi! should listen again...