woensdag 12 juni 2013

VILLA FUNGUS - reh. tracks (new dutch band with Mike D. & Thierry TUCO RAMIREZ)

another band with only 2 members ...Dutch this time
after the dead of the PHIL COLLINS TRIBUTE BAND Mike D. started a new band right away
this time he teamed up with Thierry who plays guitar/doing vox???,he also played together with Mike in TUCO RAMIREZ ,remember their badass demo & split 7'' with boycott?
this is not as brutal as TR but pretty enjoyable
and keep in mind,these are rehearsal tracks,without bass etc...plug and play recordings.
no clue who's doing the vocals,think Thierry...
1st gig was June 9th,at the OCCII with DESPISE YOU & RINUS MICHELS (another band with Mike on drums)

more info/signed panties etc
go here

3 track teaser from mono to "stereo"

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