dinsdag 29 januari 2013

va - BREIZH DIS OR DIE 2012 (france)

free download/distribution!
burn it,print it,and spread it!!!
D.I.Y. hc/punk compilation,they made one each year since '99 or something?...
maybe some older BREIZH comps later...

but here's the 2012 comp,has a couple of great bands on it so go check it out!!!!

zondag 27 januari 2013

THE WRECKS - tracks from EAT SKULL split demo tape 1982 (reno-NV)

01-i love to shoplift
02-couldn't believe it
03-high school anthem
04-communist bucks
06-lullaby of the womb
07-slow boat to Yuba
08-punk is an attitude
09-this land is your land

butchered the one on OFAL so here it is again
if i'm not mistaken this band had Kevin-7 Seconds little sister in it.
sounds nothing like 7 seconds,but they were good too!

the EAT SKULL tracks are not my thing,but 1 track has a little punk attitude so maybe that one will follow laterrrrr

vrijdag 25 januari 2013

TWISTED - wounded demo 1987 (riverside-CA)

another old demo to fuel the fire
didnt get the titles with it...and was not allowed to share it...
but recently figured out the dude i got it from was sharing it with all his girlfriends on slsk and with all titles...i was thinking WTF?????

so uncle Dan dl-ed it again with all the titles...and now the nerd banned me LOL
so here's another FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
 and fuck your elite bullshit!
lying,cheating,asslicking,talking shit etc
just for a few mp3's of an old hc band 
it's so fucking sad...

but that's HC 2013 kids.

here you have it,enjoy the tunes folks!

TWISTED - wounded demo 1987
86-88 styled hc or metallic youthcrew/oldschool
call it what you want...
16 track demo with a couple of rippers on it

more info/pics etc here

1987 demo here:

woensdag 23 januari 2013

BOG PEOPLE - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio portland-OR 10-27-2010 (portland-OR)

(click on images to make em bigger)

underated PDX punk!!!
badass liveset
grab it.

VERBAL ASSAULT - demo 1984 with 1st vocalist (rhode island)

01-church hypocrisy
02-we love girls
03-personal edge
04-beautiful music
05-vicious hippies
06-Poland crisis
07-dead society
08-love song
09-verbal assault

new link requested on OFAL.
here it is again,on the archive so no more dead links...and you can stream it online too

dinsdag 22 januari 2013

va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an int. female fronted hc-punk compilation vol. 2 80's flashback (with extra tracks!)

added 12 more tracks for your listening pleasure.


i'm looking for any



if you have any demo's/reh/ whatever please send it over/post a comment.

maandag 21 januari 2013

FILTH COALITION - demo 2012 (L.A.)

new band out of L.A.
not really fast,but heavy as fuck,raw,great bass sound/parts
5th track is a bit long,just when you think it's getting boring theyre going in another direction,so this a pretty damn good demo,and sold out...
new demo should be out soon,keep an eye out!


01-always there
02-give in
04-knife play
05-what's the chance?
06-no pain,no fun

CRUCIAL ATTACK - st 7'' 2002 (reno-NV)

625 thrashcore #82
nice booklet included with explanations to the lyrics etc.
been awhile since i played this record
but today i gave it a few spins and it's still A RIPPER!
they did another 7'' on THIRDxPARTY recs and also a split with radical attack if i'm not mistaken
but this one right here is my favorite
so here ya go.

zaterdag 19 januari 2013

CRINGER - in the systems machinery,don't be oil...be sand! 1985-1986 demo's (L.A.)

01-09 taken from the first demo,recorded at Kamehameha high school by Lance Hahn in 1985

10-20 from taken the "the vinegar tasters" demo,recorded at the KLXU studios in 1986

21-32 taken from from the "we're still AOK" demo 1986
no further info on that one,think it's a livetape/radio gig????? but tape is damaged alot,so still working on it...


Gardner Pope - vocals
Lance Hahn - guitar
Ed Tarantino - bass
Dave Carr - drums

first 2 tapes! 3rd will follow ASAP.


YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE - war mad world demo 1983 (newark-DE)

quick another classic demo before they shut down my blog LOL

had a version up on my old blog OFAL but with tapenoise and what not,found a better version and
here it is.
enjoy this piece of history and skank it up when yur playing red rooster!

dinsdag 15 januari 2013

zondag 13 januari 2013

CIVIL DEATH - practice demo 1982 (AZ)

cleaned up practice demo from 1982,too bad it's only 3 tracks,they were good!

01-massacre of millions
02-new book
03-no fun


zaterdag 12 januari 2013

INTENSIFIED CHAOS - demo 1982 outtakes + live @ berkeley square cd out now! (berkeley-CA)

limted edition cd of the 1982 demo outtakes,not so quiet on the western front comp track + a liveset @ berkeley square in Berkeley-CA
made by Chris the drummer for I.C.
he made this disc for nostalgic reasons,here you can listen to a song from the unreleased 1982 demo

I.C. interview


you can contact Chris here:

crittertv7FUCKSPAMa@gmail.com remove the fuck spam thingy...

to be honest,i hate cd's,but i'm dying to hear the liveset so i need to order a copy also...it's only 10 bux incl int. shipping so thats a decent price folks,save your milk money for a month and buy it!

MFT-I.C. promo

woensdag 9 januari 2013

AGENT 86 - objekt tape comp. & suicide squad demo 1982 (arcata-CA)

here you have some really great rare recordings by AGENT 86

first 9 tracks are from the va - objekt tape ,a weird compilation with all kinds of bands,most punk/wave stuff...

10-20 are taken from the suicide squad demo from 1982

cleaned em so they're all in a great quality!!!
please spread this around,it's a rarity!
and they're still around after all those years,no break...so theyre going for more than 30 yrs now,pretty cool
the stuff they play these days is more melodic but still enjoyable,most old band do a come back and return with shitty songs/albums. so hats off to A86! old farts rule!

well,not all of em....but i've had enough of the crying and whining about a few mp3's and all other OLDFOOLMIKE bullshit,so if you are reading this for the sensation stories only,FUCK OFF!

everyone else,please go enjoy this piece of history!
took me the whole night to get it how it is right now.
hopefully the band releases these recordings (first 18 tracks) on a nice lp one day...would be cool as hell,hardcore history...it needs to be heard.

and share!!!!!


maandag 7 januari 2013

THE BERLIN WALL - where's the limit? 1982-1983 (holland hc)

32 tracks
if you're into THE NIXE,you should give this a try!,a bit more experimental but underated/unknown band with some great songs,great bass sound too!

Petra van Bommel - vocals
Bart Cuppens - guitar
Jac van Bussel - bass
Jurgen Jeninga - drums

01-16 rehearsal in the storage space of printing company Nies b.v.
in Deurne-The Netherlands on April 1st, 1983

17-32 rehearsal at the independent youth centre,Pepijn in Asten The Netherlands
June 8th, 1982

artwork by an unknown artist,it's painted on a piece of the wall that's still there as a reminder...

KATHERINE'S HORSE - demo 1985 (glensdale-CA) need help with titles?

15 tracks in 33 minutes,14 own tracks,track 8 is a cover (ain't gonna take it)
a bunch of young kids playing hc in the vein of up front/uniform choice/7 seconds with catchy as hell bassparts.
pretty damn good demo...

also included are the 3 tracks from their myspace
these 3 sound much better,the first 15 came from a 1 track file of only 40 kbps
so there's a better version outthere for sure
but this sounds not bad at all!
and if you can help out with the titles,lemme know!

vrijdag 4 januari 2013

BARB WIRE & THE FENCES - st 7'' 1982 (michigan)

4 song 7'' from this female fronted synth punk band from Michigan
released on FENCEPOST recs in 1982
a rarity.
and don't let the synth thing keep you away from dl-ing this
no annoying synthesizer sounds/effects
good record!

thx to Gen & the dude in the comment section for the titles!

BI-MARKS - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio portland-OR 06-01-2011 (PDX)

tape insert pics soon,blogger problems again.SUUUUUUCKS!

#18 in the LDW boxset!
just done with the audio....pretty badass gig with a big P.I.  flavor to it,you gotta luv it.
check the result here:


woensdag 2 januari 2013

SLEEPWALKERS R.I.P. - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio portland-OR april 28th, 2009 (PDX)

click on pics to make em bigger/dl.
if you have the right feeling inside i wish you all the best for 2013!
stay pissed!

SLEEPWALKERS R.I.P. practiced in 2009 for an hour
and asked if they could play on KBOO radio,below you can hear the result
badass liveset!
artwork as usual stolen from a flyer found on the web
6 tracks this time and with all titles etc...#17 in the LDW boxset.

MIHOEN! - roerbak geweld 1998-2008 (utrecht-the netherlands)

vooruit met de geit!

here you have all the MIHOEN! records  from 1998-2008 + a few live tracks
55 tracks in 65 minutes.