donderdag 28 februari 2013

THE LIGHT - demo 2012 (bay area-CA)

here you have the new band from Ruby-NO STATIK
he teamed up with Trash,Matt & BooBoo & formed THE LIGHT.

02-secret shame
03-cunning and full of tricks
04-we're burning alone
05-on suspicion alone
06-outside world

demo is recorded in their rehearsal room on december 20th, 2012!
but did some corrections for on blog...
this is really goood for a rehearsal demo,and worth your $$$
you can buy it from CUT THE CHORD THAT...recs
they also just released the VALLEY BOYS demo on a 12''!!! (toronto-canada punks)
REPLICA 7'' will follow soon (hopefully)  can't f#$!*ing wait!!!
and saw theyre doing a euro version of the WETBRAIN - 2012 deeemo as well,keep an eye out for those last 2 kids!
more info/insert in a week or 2 when i receive the actual tape...
but for more info on how to order etc go here:

pimped up version here:

stream & download (if anyone in the band/or label has problems with it,lemme know,and ill remove it,aight!)


you can contact the band here

remove the fuck spam thingy and it should work.


GAS RAG - demo 2013 (chicago-IL)

new band out of Chicago-IL!

REPOS/ROPES influences/BADASS demo! no need to write more.

you can pre order it NOW! from HARDWARE RECS.

limited to 100 copies pro printed tapes
listen and buy here:

99 left ;-0

think this will sell out before march 15,thats the release date,so buy now or cry laterrrrrrr


dinsdag 26 februari 2013

vrijdag 22 februari 2013

THE FLEX - demo 2012 & flexual healing vol. 1 tape 2013 (U.K.) scum on the run 7'' out sooon!

flexual healing tape on sale,BUY!!!

new/upcoming band from the U.K.
if you liked the TREMORS 2010 demo,the NO! lp,VIOLENT REACTION 7''
you can add this band to that list
raw hc the way we like it,keep an eye out for the scum on the run 7''!
gonna be a ripper,pretty sure...
yep,the last 3 tracks on the flexual healing tape are covers but BADASS versions!

or play/dl here:

thx to Gen for sending!

you can stream the new 7'' here:

donderdag 21 februari 2013

FREEDOM CLUB - rather be blind demo 2011/2 (portland-OR)

underated punk from Portland-OR
to me they remind of the best parts of NEON PISS/CRIMINAL CODE,bit melancholic...
BADASS demo!
 last track is my favorite,really catchy/well written song ,playing it over and over but from track 3 till track 8 they're all gooood!
a shame no one talks about em coz they're really good!

3 new songs posted on their bandcamp,go check em out

make sure you check out

they also just released the TRAUMA 2009 demo on 7''!!!
badass demo so be quick,probably gonna sell out faaaaaast!

donderdag 14 februari 2013

INFEST - live @ the echo,los angeles-CA january 13th, 2013 CORRECTED INSERT!

(click on image to make it bigger)

limited edition tape #-ed /7 copies (4 copies for the members if they want one...)

if you want a tape version of it,D.I.Y. OR DIE!!!!!!!!!

allright kids,here it is...
took out all the crap you don't wanna hear...


thx to hsmp667 for taping the full gig!

here you can watch the videos

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4



zaterdag 9 februari 2013

THE BIZKIDS - live @ de VARA-dutch national television 1981 (VERSION 2!)

03-something going on

THE BIZKIDS - live on dutch national TV in 1981
redid it,butchered the one on OFAL so here it is again
came out much better!!!

I ATTACK - st lp 2004 (chicago-IL)

Not dancing for gold
Don't do what we're told
Spark the fire and burn down the place
Cultures are dying and nobody's trying
Recycled and retro,just can't let go
I ATTACK 4x.taking it back
Growing old,fitting the mold
Do what your told
Cos you're bought and sold
Why subside to age and die
Letting life pass on
I ATTACK 4x,taking it back
By the reins life is mine
Living on do or die
Heaven is crying,and nobody's trying
Recycled and retro,just can't let go
I ATTACK 4x taking it back
Not dancing for gold,don't do what we're told
Spark the fire and burn down the place
Cultures are dying and nobody's trying
Retro is poison.don't need your novelty act

if memory serves correct than this band had some LIMPWRIST member(s) in it...
this is more punk as LIMPWRIST but it's a really good/underated record

nice screened cover,2 copied inserts,think it was lim. to 300 copies...

go give it a listen,they were good!

TRANSGRESSOR - demo-brainwashed comp. tracks-rehearsal 1986-1987 (san jose-CA)

they had Steve Von Till-NEUROSIS handling the guitar and doing the back ups
vocals a bit like Blaine-THE ACCUSED at times but this is not a copyband or anything like that,again this is a BADASS demo,put it on wax with the comp tracks and ill buy it.
bonus 6 rehearsal recordings! 20 tracks in total

thx Ron!


maandag 4 februari 2013


pic. stolen from a hell on earth blog/they live movie

U.S. & Canada hc-thrash-crossover comp
cleaned it yrs ago,but wasn't completely satisfied,fixing the last things so it will sound good enough
will do a shitty cd-r cover for this one with bands/titles and crap coz this is a keeper!!!


looking for any other recordings by these bands..demo-rehearsal-live all welcome...
looking for years,but no luck...


the complete BLOODCUM & ATTACK AND DECAY demo's are both released on vinyl!
BLOODCUM as a 12''/lp and ATTACK AND DECAY as a 7'',pick em up,great records.

LOSS FOR WORDS demo up soon if i can find the disc...

BRUDTE LOFTER - ung,dum og desperat & hardt miljo 7''-es out now on GUMMOPUNX recs

after a good demo last year,here's the 4 song debut 7'' from this K-town band and its a goood record!
when playing thi,it reminds of the best parts of amdi petersens arme,so you can't go wrong with this record,catchy as hell.
500 pressed,all on blue vinyl
strongly have the feeling this one gonna sell out quick
so pick it up now or regret later...

contact Marcel @ to order your copy(ies)

no clue who released the other 7'' ,bandcamp gave no info on how to order etc...

zondag 3 februari 2013

ZIP - demo 1981 (papendrecht-the netherlands)

unknown/weird band from Papendrecht in the netherlands
this was Rene (PIPOKOEIE/DAS BRÉÉTELS etc..) first band,together with his brother and a friend who is no longer with us anymore R.I.P.
recorded in 1981 in a bedroom at a very young age...pretty cool folks!

titles are a guess...

03-story,weekend & prive
04-fuck jehova's
05-Jesus is back again

vrijdag 1 februari 2013

CYANAMID - i love New Jersey demo 1983 (s. bound brook-NJ)

this was supposed to go on OFAL a long time ago,one of my followers on there had a blog too but it was dead so he messaged me that i should download the cyanamid demo and put it on OFAL,never did and forgot the dude's name,sorry
but now 2-3 yrs later,finally cleaned the recordings and here they are...
bass intro in 3 tracks could be better but it had a shitload of loud tapenoise,impossible to get it all out
but all in all this came out nice.
9 ragers and 4 long/slow/weird tracks
no pics or anything so take it or leave it

pretty cool stuff,it was 1983...pretty fast/weird for that time