maandag 3 december 2012

LEBENDEN TOTEN - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio portland-OR 2006

#13 in the LDW box.

it got a lot of views yesterday so i won't let you wait any longer and give you the version with the 4 titles,when i figured out the other 4 ill upload em again,so check back soooon.

badass set of these portland noise punx
if you don't know em,it sounds like raw noisy japanese hardcore from the 80's with a thick bass sound,fem. vocals to top it of.
give it a listen and make sure you PLAY LOOOOOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

figuring out setlist is a pain in the aaaasssss.this is what i got sofar...any help is appreciated.

02-serene fuckers
05-pawn sacrifice

files are ok when you dl & play em...but player on the archive cuts tracks,annoying so tonight ill upload the final version as 1 track also...

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