zaterdag 8 december 2012

KEPARAT - st demo 1999 (bandung-indonesia)

 hc-thrash-punk from bandung indonesia with anti goverment/cops/school/rules/war/rascism songs,you can't go wrong with those ingredients!!!!
GREAT STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

there is a label that was collecting mixtape/cd-r's for the indonesian punx
coz it's hard to get music in the country
punks are arrested/mollested etc by the corrupt police
so some people decided to collect mixtapes/cd'rs to send/smuggle into Indonesia,supposed to make one too but due to all kinds of private/personal crap i completely forget,but tonight ill look for the adress and will post it on here too....

here you have the link to the label who collected/sended the tapes

check out the websites for more updates on that mixtape and when your there you can buy the new ADELIT@S lp/tape too!



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