maandag 24 december 2012

CORPORATE WHORES - revenge of the whores 1983 demo (AZ)

02-boycott Israel
04-Hinkley's brain
05-radio Cuba
06-beheaded mammals
07-i wish i was dead
08-life sucks

almost christmas so here you have a nice present!
this is the complete  CORPORATE WHORES 1983 tape in a badass quality
it's been released 3 yrs ago or something on a 2cd box set called "swine courage" with all their recordings from '82-'83 and it's available from DISILLUSION music label.

but these 9 are the only real studio recordings they did and blow away all the other stuff on the 2 disc set
i really hope these 9 track will end up someday on a nice piece of vinyl 7''/onesided lp or else ill bootleg it ;-0 this has to be done,so hopefully the DISILLUSION folks make this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if this was released in '83 it was bootlegged god knows how many times..but it never came out,and SIEGE took the torch,,but reality is,this was a year before SIEGE!!!
and even in times like these there are not many bands that could capture this type of sound
band like HERESY/LÄRM did it but yrs later,this was fucking 1983!!!!!!!!!!!! a really great recording for that time.
go enjoy this piece of hc history in its full glory,and yep the track boycott Israhell might be "sketchy" as some say,but Israel isn't a "pollite" country either so fuck it,it's was a different time...get over it.

took out the last tapenoise so this sounds BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. create a mp3 mix so we can watch highlights from Ernesto Hoost and Peter Aerts. holland is the motherland of kickboxing, right?????????

  2. dutch freefighters are doing good in the K1
    but motherland,nah
    but yeah Hoost and "the Lumberjack" are well known names around the world,Gods in japan,thats pretty cool.

    mp3 mix?,maybe all songs about bashing nazi's with hoost/aerts videoclips...
    are you ready to replace your Jane Fonda working out video, Mike? ;-0

    but have to look into that...been awhile since i fooled around with videos...

  3. you know, we are 4-5 punks that we are huge fans of peter aerts. may hoost is/was a better fighter technically but aerts had the heart of one thousand lions. many older hardcore/punks started do kickboxing here in greece due to aerts influence...and it's better to see highlights with Minor Threat as a soundtrack than to listen to with wu tang like this:

  4. Your Blog Is Majestic but Don't Tal;k About That Dutch Crap Noise Band Called LARM..... Maaannn What A Crap... Ive Seen Em To Manny Times and always full Of White Noise Shit... NO More No Less.... For The Rest I Respect Your And Your Blog But It Must Be Said! ...