zaterdag 8 december 2012

DISABUSE - live 1988-1994 (winterswijk-the netherlands)

this was supposed to go on OFAL a long time ago,dutch thrashers DISABUSE livesets from 1988-1994
this one's for the dude who requested it multiple times,sorry it took so long,check back in a day or 2.


the intro's/promo are phone calls broadcasted on national radio with host Henk Westbroek and the Disabuse bassplayer Patrick talking about the demo of the week (slap slap slap) record of the week
and how to order it etc,all in dutch...
the intro for the 1st track @ metal attack fest is again Henk Westbroek asking the organizers of the fest what bands will be playing,disabuse announcement follows and than you can start thrashing! these 7 tracks were released on a tape in the late 80's...
Henk Westbroek was the host of the metal radio show that was broadcasted on national radio in the late 80's-early 90's it was called VARA's vuurwerk  (VARA's firework) to many people incl me it was the introduction to many metal bands like maiden/slayer/metallica/nuclear assault-HANG THE POOOOOPE!  etc...
so we were all taping the show as young 12 yr old kids,if you never listened to it,you a bad youth ha ha
too bad those times are gone,and we only have shitty alternative radiostations overhere
good memories!

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