donderdag 20 december 2012

B.S.E. - campaign against musical corruption 1998-2001 tape (hilversum-the netherlands)

here's an insert for a D.I.Y.  B.S.E. - 1998-2001 discography tape!
had one up on OFAL,but recently some rehearsals popped up,some were pretty good,others shitty,so removed the crap and pimped the rest for your pleasure.also removed the 7'' / split versions coz they are the same as the tracks from the "wall of death"& "under control" sessions so useless to put em in twice,same recording,different sound...

55 tracks in total
 fits perfect on the A side of a 90 min tape. so you don't have to switch to the other side,lazyyyyyyy
final version.


an ALL TENSED UP discography tape insert will follow soon...

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