zondag 21 april 2013

CONDENADA - live @ smash it dead fest-democracy centre,cambridge-MA 03-30-2013

cover for the mexico tour cd??? not sure if its ever used...
but it looks pretty damn good
so gonna use it for my digital copy incl. the live stuff

"promise of destruction" live

the vocalist is currently doing a new band called MULTIPLE THRUTHS...

12 tracks,unknown venue,25 minutes
and mostly new/unreleased songs...
this gig took place +/_ 3 weeks after the stabbing of their friends in DRÖMDEAD & @PATIA NO
in Venezuela,the guy from DRÖMDEAD died that day,may he rest in peace.
so don't know the exact date,but this a good gig for sure so grab it when its done/posted,check back in a few weeks...


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