maandag 29 april 2013

va - GEEN WONING,GEEN K(R)ONING!!! april 30th,1980-2013 a farewell to Bea & "SUMMER" BREAK!

there's not much intrest in old bands demo's and livestuff anymore
so i decided to take a break and spend some time on stuff for my own collection....

BUT gonna finish the "geen woning,geen kroning april 30th, 1980-2013" cd-r first
these are the last days of our queen Bea so this is my farewell to her
and since there is no crowning song for the day,you can pick one of these and sing loud and proud
theres a fucking crisis going on and lots of dutch people are going through real hard times,the older people are fucked and millions are spend on 1 fucking day...
burn Amsterdam burn!

cdr sticker/back cover sooon!


docu about april 30, 1980 the day Bea was installed and people were still pissed and willing to fight for their rights...

part 1

part 2
part 3

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey!
    I am VERY interested in old demo's and stuff!
    Please keep 'em coming, I have found tons of cool stuff here. Comen on, where else can you find a decent version of the Gods Of Masturbation demo on the net?
    Don't stop posting please.

  2. yoho,
    people have no idea how much time it takes to get those "decent" versions on here/the archive
    and when posted they get +/- 15 downloads or something,thats just a waste of my time
    and when i post a new demo,like the repos demo/wetbrain demo they jump on it like hungry dogs,over 700 downloads,no comments like what a badass demo or anything like that...nothing
    thats what pisses me off more and more lately...

    but this returns every year,ive got my period again ha ha
    ill get over it,so chillin a bit for awhile

    thx for the heads up