donderdag 4 april 2013

STABBED TO DEATH - demo 2012 (kentucky)

released last year as a lim. to 100 copies on a pro duplicated tape
and still not sold out...
got my copy today but tapedeck is fucked up so can't play it,and don't have the mp3's of it either
so all i can give you is this 4 track teaser...
it should be enough to convince you
if you are into fast stuff like HELLNATION/BRODY'S MILTIA mixed with a little RAMONES flavor you should pick up a copy,pretty sure you won't be dissapointed,coz this is GREAT STUFF!!!!!!!!
split 7'' with HUMAN JUNK from the U.K. in the works,keep an eye out!
and maybe a 10'' version of this tape in the near future also...

buy here:

now someone hook me up with the mp3's of this tape,i wonder how the SIOUXIE cover sounds...

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