dinsdag 9 april 2013

SUPERBAD - the first 3 yrs 2006-2009 (bay area-CA)

discography lp with this piece of artwork on the frontcover pleeeeaaase,thank you!?

track order for the first 3 yrs is:

01-11 from the st 7''
12-14 from the reformed recs comp (this comp kills fascists)
15-18 from the TRANSIENT split 7''
19-24 from the V/A - grindcore marauders lp
25 unreleased version of "rabbitbeak"
26-28 from the ROSKOPP split 7''
29-33 from the 2006 demotape

added a little extra bass to most of the tracks,if you think it sucks,
my bad.

scans are from the first 2 yrs tape.

but this is a 2006-2009 collection from these Bay Area grinders
now go break some shit.


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