woensdag 3 april 2013

UNNATURAL SILENCE - nuclear attack 1983-1986 demo's-comp tracks (vancouver-BC-canada)

1986 demo orig. taken from the mellonville hc blog (see link on the left side)
here's the pimped up version.

rumors are the band is going through their masters for a possible cd release,hope they do vinyl too?????!!!,both demos on an lp would kick butt,coz this is great/underated stuff!!!!!

had this one up on OFAL so why not putting up both huh
here ya go

nuclear attack - 1983 demo (missing 1 track,but every version thats floating around is damaged/crappy sounding...so only 19...)

on the mellonville blog you can also find a liveset by them,go check it out!!!!!!

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