zaterdag 20 april 2013

HUASIPUNGO - live @ smash it dead fest-democracy centre,cambridge-MA 2013 (N.Y.C.) audio & video

great set from these old farts,45 yrs old and still pissed,awesome!
they talk about some important issues in this gig like sexual abuse,rape,homophobia,rascism/fascism etc
and in times like these with the gang rapes in India,gay bashings in A'dam and lately in France with the gay marriage issues...
but its a worldwide problem...and its getting out of control
so give it a listen,get pissed and stand up/speak out against this bullshit!

track 6 is a cover/punk version of a song by a female singer/songwriter from Nicaragua who was killed at age 18 in her struggle against dictatorship,but can't find any info online
any help with the 2 missing titles is appreciated,track 8 might be an old song with new lyrics but listened many times and could not figure out which one...


read some stuff about the Israhell/Palestina/Gaza strip conflict

or visit the HUASIPUNGO site

or SMASH IT DEAD collective's site

HUASIPUNGO - live smash it dead fest 2013 + bonus track ABC NO RIO 2010 (resistencia)
stream & d/l here

or here

watch the full smash it dead fest video here,filmed by Sunny Singh

maybe ill do another gig from 2009 or date/venue but sounds pretty good so that will follow later

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  1. Hey this is Jane from Huasipungo (one of the old farts!) - to answer your question, the Nicaraguan Sandinista singer/songwriter who was killed in combat (at age 20) was Arlen Siu. The song is called "Maria Rural." There is no recording of Arlen Siu performing it, but there's a version by Grupo Pancasan. We put our own music to the words.

  2. Track 8 (the one about sexual abuse) is called "Lobos" (wolves).