dinsdag 30 april 2013

va - we're still pissed!!! a spanish female fronted hc-punk-live compilation #7 (more bands!)

some great/unknown female fronted/all female bands from spain and a little austria (BELGRADO members/RUIDOSA)


all recorded live...
raw as fuck,some are recorded live on the streets !!! so don't expect a sbrd recording...
enjoy! & stay pissed!!!



maandag 29 april 2013

va - GEEN WONING,GEEN K(R)ONING!!! april 30th,1980-2013 a farewell to Bea & "SUMMER" BREAK!

there's not much intrest in old bands demo's and livestuff anymore
so i decided to take a break and spend some time on stuff for my own collection....

BUT gonna finish the "geen woning,geen kroning april 30th, 1980-2013" cd-r first
these are the last days of our queen Bea so this is my farewell to her
and since there is no crowning song for the day,you can pick one of these and sing loud and proud
theres a fucking crisis going on and lots of dutch people are going through real hard times,the older people are fucked and millions are spend on 1 fucking day...
burn Amsterdam burn!

cdr sticker/back cover sooon!


docu about april 30, 1980 the day Bea was installed and people were still pissed and willing to fight for their rights...

part 1

part 2
part 3

zondag 28 april 2013

CLAPTRAP - live demo 2013 (amsterdam-the netherlands)

more pissed off ladies...
a new band from Amsterdam-The Netherlands this time
the recording below is some sort of demo/promo thingy
recorded live @ the OCC II on march 1st,2013

boosted it a bit for on blog
listen here

more info here:

vrijdag 26 april 2013

REPLICA - st 7'' 2013 (CA)

out now on PRANK records folks on red and black wax
all female hc from the bay area
think the european pressing on CUT THE CHORD THAT... recs will follow soon
brasilian pressing on BARMY ARMY recs


maybe ill do a small pressing of the kboo tape this summer (25 copies) we will see...

woensdag 24 april 2013

BAD NOIDS - from soup to dessert lp 2013 out NOW! on katorga works!

Clevelands dirty punks are back,and with a full length lp this time
its just released on KATORGA WORKS recs from NY

buy here when the store is re-opened

preview here "my country" sound is better as on all their other releases,so cant wait to check out the rest of the record. pretty sure it will be a ripper.

awhile ago i posted their set from WFMU on the old blog,here's the link again

or stream download it from here:

zondag 21 april 2013

CONDENADA - live @ smash it dead fest-democracy centre,cambridge-MA 03-30-2013

cover for the mexico tour cd??? not sure if its ever used...
but it looks pretty damn good
so gonna use it for my digital copy incl. the live stuff

"promise of destruction" live

the vocalist is currently doing a new band called MULTIPLE THRUTHS...

12 tracks,unknown venue,25 minutes
and mostly new/unreleased songs...
this gig took place +/_ 3 weeks after the stabbing of their friends in DRÖMDEAD & @PATIA NO
in Venezuela,the guy from DRÖMDEAD died that day,may he rest in peace.
so don't know the exact date,but this a good gig for sure so grab it when its done/posted,check back in a few weeks...


zaterdag 20 april 2013

HUASIPUNGO - live @ smash it dead fest-democracy centre,cambridge-MA 2013 (N.Y.C.) audio & video

great set from these old farts,45 yrs old and still pissed,awesome!
they talk about some important issues in this gig like sexual abuse,rape,homophobia,rascism/fascism etc
and in times like these with the gang rapes in India,gay bashings in A'dam and lately in France with the gay marriage issues...
but its a worldwide problem...and its getting out of control
so give it a listen,get pissed and stand up/speak out against this bullshit!

track 6 is a cover/punk version of a song by a female singer/songwriter from Nicaragua who was killed at age 18 in her struggle against dictatorship,but can't find any info online
any help with the 2 missing titles is appreciated,track 8 might be an old song with new lyrics but listened many times and could not figure out which one...


read some stuff about the Israhell/Palestina/Gaza strip conflict

or visit the HUASIPUNGO site

or SMASH IT DEAD collective's site

HUASIPUNGO - live smash it dead fest 2013 + bonus track ABC NO RIO 2010 (resistencia)
stream & d/l here

or here

watch the full smash it dead fest video here,filmed by Sunny Singh www.hate5six.com

maybe ill do another gig from 2009 or earlier...no date/venue but sounds pretty good so that will follow later

zondag 14 april 2013

NYX NEGATIV - demo 1983 (sweden) V.2

version 2!
sounds much better as the old version on OFAL,still has a little tapenoise in it but taking out more ruined it so this is it for now.


sieg howdy.

vrijdag 12 april 2013

NEGATIVE APPROACH - live in DC 06-20-1982 (detroit-MI)

13 more traditional detroit folks songs live
unknown venue ,maybe at the Wilson Centre,but as said,not sure...total playtime 14:25

01-can't tell no one
02-whatever i do
04-fair warning
05-ready to fight
06-shit for brains
07-never surrender (BLITZ)
10-why be something you're not?
12-i'll survive
13-negative approach

donderdag 11 april 2013

BETTER LIVING - lost children demo 1983 (PA) V.2!

butchered the one on OFAL yrs ago
completely redid it...
teaser here:


MONGO MANGE GÁTÓÓ - death can be hazardous to your health lp 1986 (amsterdam-the netherlands)

requested by Marcelo,had this up on OFAL but the d/l link was dead so...
here it is again
the dutch answer to NEGATIVE GAIN!
and with a new "atomic war/nuclear holocaust" coming up
PLAY LOUD as long as those N. Korean lunatics keep it cool.

other had too much bass in it,this is a different version...

dinsdag 9 april 2013

JUNGBLUTH - demo 2012 (germany)

JUNGBLUTH - are a noisy/crusty/d-beat-ish band from Germany who named theirselves after
Karl Jungbluth 1903-1945 a german communist,anti fascist,resistance fighter during WWII
the band produces some heavy as fuck tunes in the vein of TRAGEDY/early WILLHAVEN or something like that...
both pressings of the demotape are sold out...they should put em on a piece of vinyl coz this is a really,really good sounding demo!!!

02-a vague memory
05-quick temper-slow mind

more info here:

SUPERBAD - the first 3 yrs 2006-2009 (bay area-CA)

discography lp with this piece of artwork on the frontcover pleeeeaaase,thank you!?

track order for the first 3 yrs is:

01-11 from the st 7''
12-14 from the reformed recs comp (this comp kills fascists)
15-18 from the TRANSIENT split 7''
19-24 from the V/A - grindcore marauders lp
25 unreleased version of "rabbitbeak"
26-28 from the ROSKOPP split 7''
29-33 from the 2006 demotape

added a little extra bass to most of the tracks,if you think it sucks,
my bad.

scans are from the first 2 yrs tape.

but this is a 2006-2009 collection from these Bay Area grinders
now go break some shit.


zondag 7 april 2013

BOB BARKER YOUTH - 2001-2002 discography (pittsburgh-PA)

badass faaaaastcore
the only record they did was a split lp with I CAN WAIT,got it for free yrs ago when i scored a dead nation end lp on yellow wax,pretty cool present coz the BBY side is a ripper (#12-18 on the split cd)
cut me up again...

this isnt the shitty rip thats floating around online,that one isnt ripped ''disc at once'' so lots of weird cuts/silence between the tracks in that one,the one right here is OK

donderdag 4 april 2013

DESCENT TO HELL - live november 20th,2006 (the netherlands-U.K.)

one of the underated bands from the Netherlands/U.K. the last years
the only releases they did was a split cd with WAR/SYSTEM from the U.K. and their lp from 2010 called "our cross to bear" on DEATH TRAP recs
and they broke up shortly after this release,copies are still available from various distro's around the globe so pick it up if you are into well written metallic hc from a bunch of good musicians.
the 8 tracks in this liveset are from 2006 and i think none of em are on the lp
not sure about all the titles but maybe Maynard can help out?

play loud wankers!

or dl/stream from here:

STABBED TO DEATH - demo 2012 (kentucky)

released last year as a lim. to 100 copies on a pro duplicated tape
and still not sold out...
got my copy today but tapedeck is fucked up so can't play it,and don't have the mp3's of it either
so all i can give you is this 4 track teaser...
it should be enough to convince you
if you are into fast stuff like HELLNATION/BRODY'S MILTIA mixed with a little RAMONES flavor you should pick up a copy,pretty sure you won't be dissapointed,coz this is GREAT STUFF!!!!!!!!
split 7'' with HUMAN JUNK from the U.K. in the works,keep an eye out!
and maybe a 10'' version of this tape in the near future also...

buy here:


now someone hook me up with the mp3's of this tape,i wonder how the SIOUXIE cover sounds...

woensdag 3 april 2013

UNNATURAL SILENCE - nuclear attack 1983-1986 demo's-comp tracks (vancouver-BC-canada)

1986 demo orig. taken from the mellonville hc blog (see link on the left side)
here's the pimped up version.

rumors are the band is going through their masters for a possible cd release,hope they do vinyl too?????!!!,both demos on an lp would kick butt,coz this is great/underated stuff!!!!!

had this one up on OFAL so why not putting up both huh
here ya go

nuclear attack - 1983 demo (missing 1 track,but every version thats floating around is damaged/crappy sounding...so only 19...)

on the mellonville blog you can also find a liveset by them,go check it out!!!!!!